Practitioners trained and self-trained in feminist work are everywhere engaged. And yet, despite the increasing connectivity and growing accessibility of the digital age, we often find ourselves isolated, exhausted, scattered, and lacking resources – physical, financial, intellectual, social, and emotional. The mission of Feminist Uni is to support feminist work by providing resources and connection opportunities.

Feminist Uni was originally founded in 2012 as a resource blog for students seeking to develop their own civic and community engagement projects. Articles featured activists, actions, tactics and strategies, campaigns, movements, and key concepts while providing takeaways and actionable lessons on how to get started oneself. The site made feminist activism visible and accessible. Feminist Uni expands on this project by broadening resources for feminist practitioners. Resources in development include tools, networks, and connection opportunities for changemakers, job seekers, writers, teachers, leaders, social entrepreneurs, and funding feminist work.

Feminist Uni publishes a weekly newsletter called The Loop – A Newsletter for Feminist Practitioners. Weekly dispatches offer a roundup of feminist news, views, and takeways curated and composed to support feminist work. Preview and subscribe on the newsletter’s Substack channel, FeministUni.Substack.Com.

Feminist Uni was founded by S. K. Keltner. Stacy is a first generation graduate/professor/scholar-activist from Atlanta, GA. She was a co-founder and first coordinator of the gender and women’s studies program at Kennesaw State University in metro-Atlanta, a co-founder (with Kelly Oliver of Vanderbilt University) and the first executive director of philoSOPHIA: a feminist society, and the outgoing president of The Southeastern Women’s Studies Association (soon to be relaunched as WGS South, pending member approval in March 2022). She currently directs the MA program in American Studies at KSU.

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